Top 10 Trekking In Nepal Walk Accross The Himalaya

Top 10 Trekking In Nepal

Nepal Dream Path is one of the trekking agency of Nepal. We are operating trekking since long time almost in the all part of Nepal. Nepal have lots of mountain and hills where trekking activities can be done so easily and there are list of top ten trekking places of Nepal where you enjoy a lot by doing trekking activities. The terraces of Himalaya offer number of stunning trekking routes. Trekking in Nepal will help you to be familiar with Buddhist culture and many festivals. So we offer these 10 trekking as the best treks of nepal.

1. Upper Mustang:

Upper mustang is also known as the desert of mountain where we can find lots of species of flora and fauna due to the cold temperature. Mustang is near by the Tibet so it is known as the mini Tibet of Nepal where there are people whose lifestyle are influence by the Tibet culture and tradition and the landscape around the mustang is also same as Tibet. There we can see only few species of wild animals and birds. The major crops grown in this area is bucket and wheat although they don’t have irrigation facility. There are many monasteries that are built in 13th century which are rare in world. The king rule is still in the mustang area although Nepal have been free from king many years before.

2. Everest Base Camp:

 Everest base camp trek is one of the world classic treks. Walking on the lap of Himalaya by crossing the Sherpa village this treks is popular in the world. Everest is the tallest mountain of the world and base camp which is on the side of famous glacier of Khumbu. On this trek we will meet the famous mountain climber who lives near by the mountain and provide knowledge of climbing peaks and mountain. On this trek we can see panoramic view of mountain and different species of birds and animals. On this trek we will get extra pleasant when yak crosses over the Himalaya. During this trek we are treated by the Sherpa hospitality, culture and tradition.

3. Annapurna Base Camp:

Pokhara is one of the famous tourist hub in nepal which is the gateway to Annapurna Base Camp. Annapurna is one of the famous trekking destinations of Nepal. On this trek we can view some of the world highest mountain by passing spectacular landscape. There are lots of option and route in this trek to start and end. Annapurna base camp is heart of the Annapurna region and lies on the height of 4130m. Mostly we found Gurung and magar people in this area who are known as Gorkhali and have joined on British army.

4. Beni to Rara:

 One of the longest trek of Nepal, which start from beni passing many charming village with different ethnic group of people, culture and tradition, hunting reserve, terraces, spectacular view of mountains and the most important is shey Phoksundo national park which make the trip  incredible and excited. This is the trek on the one of the remote area of Nepal passing shey Phoksundo Lake, second deepest lake of the world and in ''Y'' shape with no aquatic life. On this trek we pass over 5000m for several times which gives extra pleasure and refreshment. Rara is the biggest lake of Nepal, surrounded by the pine forest and mountains. We can see different species of birds and animal on this trek, also different type of flora and fauna which are used for medical purpose. Rara national park is the smallest national park of Nepal. Snow is the attraction of trek so we can play lots of snow in this trek.

5. Annapurna round with Tilicho and Thorang La Pass:

This is one of the amazing treks in Nepal. Every year hundreds of people visit here for refreshment and to be far from the city crowd and pollution. Annapurna itself has different variety of mountain, people, culture and tradition. Normally this trek is start from 800m (lower land) and pass to the 5416m (higher place) which makes this trek different than other. Everybody will know about the vegetation and landscapes which we pass on track every day. Tilicho Lake is another attraction of trip; this lake is situated at highest altitude than the other lakes of the world and is surrounded all side by famous mountains. Without using mountain climbing gear we cross thorang la pass (5416m) to reach  one of the famous temple of Nepal i.e. muktinath.

6. Makalu Base Camp Treks:

 Mt.Makalu is the 4th highest peak of Nepal and is the 5th highest of the world. Makalu trek was first done by the famous trekker sir Edmund Hillary group, when they reach around camp the people of there doesn’t know about the importance of tourism and have negative thought. But in the present condition people around there are serving the traveler by providing different services. We can see panoramic view of snow covered peaks over 6000m from there. On the way we pass many dense forest, charming villages, terraces, monasteries and famous river of Nepal i.e. Barun river.

7. Langtang and Helambu Trek:

One of the easiest trek and trek near by the capital of Nepal (Kathmandu valley), lies north of the Kathmandu. Beautiful scenery of mountain, landscape, villages is passes on the track. Mostly tamang people lived around this area and their culture and tradition are different than other. The trek is done almost inside the langtang national park, one of the oldest national parks on mountain region. We also pass the religious pond i.e. Gosaikunda on this trek. Helambu is the famous Sherpa villages, with traditional Sherpa culture different than other. We pass several monasteries on the way in this trek and got a chance to know Buddhist culture.  

8. Manaslu Trek:

 Manaslu trekking is the trek where less people have travelled, but is famous for those who love adventure trekking. Day by Day number of trekkers has been increased in this area. On this trek we passes different village with ethnic group Gurung and most of them are Buddhist influenced by Tibetan culture. This place is near by the Tibet border. Manaslu is the 7th highest peak of Nepal and is the 8th highest mountain of world. We pass dense forest, different lakes and glaciers to reach base camp where the environment is pleasant and adorable. If the track over larkey la pass is covered by the snow then the treks will be complicated. But the scenery after that is amazing and feel like had been to heaven.

9. Upper Dolpo Trek:

 “Upper Dolpo Trek” the least developed and remote trekking zone in Nepal is located west part of Nepal which is situated between Dhaulagiri Himalayan Range and Tibetan Plateau. Only few anthropologist and geographers had explored the region. This treks offers to explore the largest national park in Nepal “Sey Phoksundo National Park” with its many wildlife animals such as Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep, Snow Leopard, etc. Upper Dolpo Trekking in Nepal contains high passes over 5000m including Niwar la pass 5120m, Chan la 5378m, Nangdalo la 5350m, Jungben la 5550m, Jyanta La 5220m. Although Dolpa is least developed but it is a beautiful district of Nepal, it is famous for village of ringmo, ancient monasteries, beautiful landscape.

10. Kanchenjunga Trek:

Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world. This is the mountain situated in the eastern part of Nepal nearby India border. We passes dense forest, terraces, yak farms (where hard cheese are found made in this area from the milk of yak). Different species of birds, animal and butterfly are found in this area. People with different culture, tradition, languages and festival live around here. There are many famous mountains such as mt.kumbakarna, mera peaks. This mountain range is called Mahalangur Himalayan range. Mostly the farmer around here grows cardamom which is export in different countries and traveler have to saty either in the tea house or in a tent, also they will provide us to experience a home stay.