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Manaslu & Ganesh Himal
The great scenery of Mount Manaslu and Ganesh is impressive and surprising. Mount Manaslu is a 8th highest mountain of the world with the height of 8156m and ganesh himal with the height of 7110m.  The great Himalayan trail is located North West side from Kathmandu. The Sanskrit word Manaslu means Mountain of spirit and this spirit reflects into the peaceful villages and valleys around it.  Many snow covered peaks and mountains over 6000m, from sea level are surrounded by this two famous mountains Manaslu and Ganesh. It is a great trek in Nepal, because the trails are quiet, clean and grassy. First foot on the top of this mountain is printed by Japnese expedition group in 1956. This area introduced the varieties of trekking routes and options.  The trekking route is being famous day by day because of charming villages, buddhist monastreis, dense forest, glacier, great Mountain View and adventurous trails with lots of wild animals, birds and flora and fauna. 

The Manaslu and Ganesh region both are spectacular and easily accessible to reach. The name for the range comes from the Hindu deity "Ganesh" usually depicted in the form of an elephant. Ganesh is a Elephant headed Hindu God so people named it for fortune.  This trek is famous as alternative to annapurna and langtang.