Off the beatenTrekking areas to be explored in the hidden corners of Nepal Himalaya

Off the beaten

Most of the trekking in the Nepal Himalaya are well trekked and explored since last five decades, many of the off the beaten track were open in1991 by Nepal government for trekkers. However there are more trekking areas to be explored in the hidden corners of Nepal Himalaya some of the region are on the most off beaten tracks some of the area within popular trekking areas, but yet untouched by travelers, on this special area trekking we have designed the best trekking areas which is seldom frequented and yet to be explored, its isolation and tranquility is totally amazing blending well with the surrounding pristine nature in the shade of high Himalayan mountains that we would like to share with you. Trekking is an adventure tourism activity, so we have to explore different trekking route in the Himalayas. Nepal Dream Path is one of the specialized organizers for off the beaten track and to explore new destination for trekking in Nepal. Our staff and guide have reached to the many off the beaten track for the proper study of the place, people lifestyle and culture, flora and fauna, different species of wild animals and birds. That’s why we are moving on the path of success for organizing off the beaten trek. There are so many virgin tracks in nepal which are not explore in Nepal yet, so we are helping in exploring off the beaten tracks since our establishment to our customer.

We have many itineraries selected and designed for interested trekkers, botanist or nature lovers for you to choose.