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Trekking In Nepal walking in the Mountains base camp of Nepal

Trekking In Nepal
Nepal beautiful country in south Asia is being a tourism hub for the trekkers of the world, as we have 8 among the 10 tallest mountains of the worlds including Mount Everest (8,848m world’s highest peaks). The mountains, hills, rivers, glaciers, forest and wild animals are the precious gift from the nature to us. Tourism is the up growing industry in Nepal and support the economy of the country in a large proportion, and Nepal is the best destination for the adventure activities like trekking, mountaineering, expedition, paragliding and many others. So the adventure lover people of the world can taste variety of the tourism destination along with trekking in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is popular since a long period of time, the facility in the trekking route and destination shows and posses that the trekking business is one of the importance sources of income in the rural areas in Nepal. Many people in Nepal have been engage in the trekking as the guide, porters, cook, kitchen helper and many more. There are around 1000 agency in Kathmandu for organizing the trekking in Nepal but among them Nepal Dream Path Treks have made its distinct image among its competitors and running a trekking business since a decade. Trekking is an adventurous activity so; it must be run in a professional manner with proper security and caring of the guest. All the precaution during the trekking should have to be properly informed to the trekkers before trekking. Trekking in Nepal varies from altitude to altitude and from days to days according to the trekking routes and trails. In the context of Nepal the northern part of Nepal is fully covered with Mountains. So the trekking is possible in the northern Himalayan part of Nepal in the base camps of the sky kissing mountains. Trekking provides an opportunity for the trekkers to spend their holidays in the mountains of Nepal, with spectacular and tantalizing views of the mountains and peaks. The most famous trekking in Nepal as well as in the world is:
Annapurna Area
Everest Area