Tibet Roof top of the world

Tibet, the roof of the world had remained a forbidden land for the outsiders for most part of the last century. Lying across the Himalayan range, Tibet was traditionally headed by the spiritual rulers known as the Dalai Lamas until 1965, when the country was annexed as the autonomous region of China.

Tibet, the mystic Shangrila, the forbidden kingdom on the roof of the world has captured man’s imagination for centuries. Great explorers & adventurers of the century have ventured into this holy land rendered inaccessible by the hostile natural conditions & bandits that waylaid them on their journeys through the Himalayas. Despite untold ravages which occurred during the "Cultural Revolution". Tibet’s past grandeur, majesty, magic & mystery still remains undiminished. One can still see today nomads herding their yaks, pilgrims worshipping at sacred shrines & the expansive, striking & enduring Himalayan topography. Tibet is truly an adventurers paradise.