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5things to know before trekking Everest Base Camp (EBC)

5things to know before trekking Everest Base Camp (EBC)

5 Feb 2018 admin

Gokyo Chola Pass TrekTrekking is one of the adventurous part in the life of people and where you can challenge your own physical abilities. Everest base camp is that trekking area where you can get the lifetime experience and chance to see the world highest mountain, Mt. Everest. Everest Base Camp trek is the classical trekking route in Nepal, one of the most popular trekking areas around the world. Everest Base Camp Trekking give an opportunity to learn the different religious value, gain different cultural experiences and have the most memorable part of their life. If you are planning to do trekking in Everest Base Camp then here are the some certain things which you have to know before trekking:-

1 .Climates

Trekking and hiking through different kind’s terrain for long hours every day and challenging weather every time, altitude, even the healthiest or strongest people could face physical problem. The climate changes day by day in this region that’s why it’s hard to predict the weather here. In the winter season the climate in high altitude is very cold (-25C to -60C) and it will be freezing cold but in day the temperature is comfortable. The best time to do trekking in this area is spring and autumn where the temperature remains in (20C to 30C) which is the perfect time to do trekking and you can see the clear, dashing view of mountain. The winter season would be more challenging for the trekkers in this region

2. Cultural exchange

In this region you can find Gurung, Sherpa and Thakali people of the Buddhist community here. You have to respect the belief of the person toward the God, values and cultural practice. Some people can treat you good and can invite you to share their cultures and some want to stay quiet and wouldn’t appreciate any kind of meddling in their lives. Make sure you don’t offend them in any way so that you can be remembering as the good person in their life.

3. Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is the prime concern while doing high altitude trek like Everest base camp. Altitude sickness which is the negative effect in the high altitude is known as the Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). This is caused by climbing to fast and not giving any rest to the body. The symptom can be seen in body like diarrhea, vomiting, headache, sleeping disorder and problem in breathing due to change in air pressure. The best way to avoid altitude sickness is by drinking pure water, juice and taking simple medicine like paracetamols, diamox and so on.

4. Basic trekking tips

Every trekker who is going to trek for first time should have to know the basic trekking tips. Every newbie trekker, trekking with highly experienced guide or porter is mainly advised for any kind of physical medical emergency. The person should be officially connected with a trekking agency. Trekking agency will take care of your permit and many other documents which is needed before the trek. The trekkers have to carry cash because ATM card won’t be use in all parts of the country.

. Food & accommodation

You can enjoy the typical Nepalese food (Dal, Bhat, Tarkari) in the dinner and lunch. Also, we can enjoy other international food such as Tibetan, Italian, Indian and so on. During breakfast you can enjoy the hot chocolates, omelets, snacks, bread as well as many varieties of drink. You will have the lunch on the way toward the destination at best available lodges