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Covid-19 Pandemic and its Effects in Nepal

Covid-19 Pandemic and its Effects in Nepal

1 Sep 2020 admin

Covid-19 in Nepal is part of the worldwide pandemic caused by acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus–2 (SARS-2). It is a transmittable and highly dangerous disease that doesn’t have any known vaccines or Special antiviral treatment. So, the Pandemic has led to severe disruption of the economy, education, travel, and many other sectors of the world including Nepal.
In Nepal, The first case of the Covid-19 was confirmed on 23 Jan, 31 years old student returned to Kathmandu from China on 9th Jan.
The first local transmission was recorded on 4th April in the Karnali district. A 32 years old woman from Sindhupalchowk was the first woman to die due to this virus. Despite, several preventive steps from the Government, the cases of Covid-19 are highly increasing day by day. By the end of Oct 5, The total number of confirmed cases in Nepal has reached 86,823 where the total no. of recovered cases is 64,069. The total no of people who died due to this Virus has reached 523.

Effects of Covid-19 in Nepal:

Countrywide Lockdown had come into effect on 24th March and came to an end on 21st July.
Onward the 18th of March, the Nepal government has banned the gathering of more than 25 people in public places.
All the academic activities like classes and exams of all kinds including the Public Commission have been suspended from 19th March.
All the international flights have stopped from 22nd March and all the long route vehicular movements have closed from 23rd March.
Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation (MOCTCA) has suspended the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign on 22 March. The motto of this great campaign was to attract more than two million tourists to visit Nepal by the end of this year.
Also, the national assembly and house of Representatives meetings were closed.
During the early stages of lockdown, Nepal has faced a scarcity of face masks, sanitizers as people were hurried to buy them. Which later on invited black marketing on those materials. Also, Nepal’s Pharmaceutical industry faced the possible scarcity of essential medicines and raw materials as India restricted the export of 26 raw materials. But, later on, India showed a helping hand and agreed to export essential materials.
All the government and private offices are closed excluding the offices providing essential services. Unemployment is inviting several suicidal cases due to its impact on the economy for poor families.
Farmers from all over the country are being badly affected as they are not being able to export their products.
Due to the impact of Covid-19 on construction & trades, foreign employment, tourism, etc, the economy of Nepal is being severely affected.