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Travel keys for the Traveller in Nepal

Travel keys for the Traveller in Nepal

28 Oct 2018 damodar pyakurel

To be a good traveller, we have to figure out the responsibilities while travelling. Having responsibilities during travel makes travel easier and better.

So, here are some keys to being a good traveller:

1. Slow down the pace

‘Visit Nepal’ itself is the lifetime experience. Please stop rushing around and take some time to look around where you are. It is better to take local transport like Rickshaw, cycle or spend a day exploring the surroundings on foot.

2. Talk to the locals

It is better to enrich your travel experience by talking with the locals. You may talk to many people as you can. You may talk to taxi drivers, the shop attendants, bar staffs or with the sellers at the street. Better to learn about the local words, the culture, the history and the local food of Nepal. The locals will cooperate with you if you are trying to learn and study.

3. Put your camera away

Taking pictures are totally prohibited in some place of Nepal. So, don’t spend your time in Camera mostly. It is better to ask permission before taking the pictures. If you don’t, you may be in trouble.

4. Know where you are in Nepal

When you are going to visit someplace, first, try to get some ideas about the place and its significant historical moments. You may spend some time researching the local culture and the latest news before visit the place.

5. Think like a local

While travelling in Nepal, think that you are a local. You may shop at local stores, eat local foods and support the local economy that means of thinking like a local. You may buy some local handmade products and support the local business that also increases your travelling reputation.

6. Dress for comfort and respect

In Nepal, it is disrespectful to show too much skin, especially for the girls. So, try to cover your whole body like shoulder and knees as possible as it is.

7. Be patient

It is easier said than done. There will be a moment of frustrations may be in the airport, bus stations or the other service areas. Just take it easy, feels relax and do the best than worried too much.

8. Have fun

There is a reason why you are travelling to Nepal. So, leave everything behind you and enjoy each and every moment during Nepal. Try something new, be curious and take it all as a fun.